Liquid djs... ;-)


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Wrong section mate, an your startin to spam the forums with your tracks keep it to the Production section
wut!!! this is the mix forum? and I'm giving a "free" tune in 320 mp3 to the DJs, the least you could say is thanks you cheeky git:p

all this "spamming" saying, its how forums started, and why would I want to put this in only the production section? I don't mind if the producers want it but mainly it's the DJs I want to have it, everywhere I go I get cunts like you on my tits, do me a favour, if you think I'm spamming by giving away a free tune to you! rather than selling it thru a label, tell me why this is spamming, infact don't, you obviously spend way too much time on forums, and at the least il get a warning for telling you to F.O.


if this was a sticky would it be a constant spam or a free tune.