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Yorkshire Tony

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Jun 30, 2008
Barmby on the Marsh, United Kingdom
Hey, the GF is gettin into D n B, but is only really listening to the chilled out liquid stuff. anyone know of any decent sets/albums/compilations that may tickle her fancy? Not really up with it all tbh, all i really listen to is the old skool jungle sounds


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Oct 18, 2004
London on the Wisla
High Contrast, Nu: Tone, Logistics, London Elektricity, just about anybody from Hospital Records.

Buy some Out Patients or Plastic Surgery mixes from Ebay. Great value.

That will do for now I think

Greg P

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Jan 16, 2008
DNBA Fabio & Grooverider - Give the Fabio CD to her and keep the Grooverider one for yourself...

It's actually not bad, before anyone starts!


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Jun 7, 2008
Have a look through the members mixes, off the top of my head:

Flicky's hospital mix
Akro's 3 deck liquid mix
Jacomelli's soul mix

Then im not sure where you can find these but:

D&BA Unsigned mix pt. 4 (probably from
DJ Marky b2b Calibre (think you can get it from the end website)


Jun 8, 2008
If by chilled out you mean Atmospheric stuff...then...

Anything out of the Good Looking Records camp from 1997-2002 is pretty good, chilled out stuff. The Progression Session series are solid and get more "liquid" as the number in the series goes higher. Favorites are Progression Session 1-4, and 6 (Live in Boston).

For some older chilled out stuff, could have the Promise Land series (Slipmaster J and Helen T stuff), particularly the Slipmaster J mix on PM 4. Great mixing here with range on everything from atmos to vocals to liquid.


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Feb 8, 2002
when sara went to london for the first time (i think youll be able to figure out the year, if you read on) she came back with a new fancy. garage music (a type of scene in direct conflict with drum and bass), and as if that wasnt annoying enough she would justify it by saying shit like this:

garage music is so great because you can chill to it, like in a bar, or, you can party to it, and like talk to people all the time, in a club, or you can dance to it, or you can just smoke a joint to it, garage music is so great cos you can do all this stuff to it haha do your realize how retarded that was, its like saying the scratch is broken on my turntable, or bonjovi doesnt make any tunes you can play the marraccas to, or the e minor chord is broken on my guitar.


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Dec 24, 2007
Milton Keynes/ York university
Buy her the hospitalised cd compilation mate, three disks mixed by London Elektricity, High Contrast and Cyantific. Its the first thing I bought when I started liking liquid :) Oh Dj marky and friends- the master plan and is another good compilation :)
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