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pls check & comment :towelie:

Liquid Brilliants Rec 001 -

"Diamonds are girl's best friends..." Yes, that is true and also girls love liquid funk... Liquid Brilliants is brand new digital imprint, bringing debut release from the talented russian producers Jebar & DK Foyer, known by releases on labels such as Defunked, Soundtrax, Blu Saphir Recordings. First work, entitled "This Way", hits the club systems with just the right blend of melody, depth and presence. Complete with solid electric piano work and rolling drums, "This Way" brings the backs up off the walls and the feet to the floor where they should be. Check out second tune for something a little more jazzy. Dk Foyer goes it alone for a soul infused funky roll out. A synthesis of the soulful flair of the liquid drum and bass tip with jazz and kiss of summer, "Move" is pure brilliant, Liquid Brilliant .

A.Dk Foyer & Jebar - This Way
AA. Dk Foyer - Move

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