Liquid Brilliants Rec 009 OUT NOW!!!(by PH)


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Liquid Brilliants Rec 009 - LQBDIG009

Starting off with a tasteful string arrangment and percussion, Inside gives way to pure ecstatic moments during it’s memorable build up and massive drop. Flanked with a huge backing beat, tranced out feel, and epic atmosphere, the tune is a massive roller. The trance gives way to electrofunk, with classic synths reminiscent of the detroit variety from the late 80s/early 90s. A solid groove builds, taking you higher with more and more appeggiation, and a brilliant shining synth line rides the top of the track. The breakdown washes out and over, reassembling with just the slightest hint of acid, and a monster sized rollout continues the electrofunkin’ groove.

A. PH - Inside
B. PH - Take Me Home

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