Liquid Brilliants Rec 004 OUT NOW!!!(by Soulgrifter /PH & Prestige )

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    Liquid Brilliants Rec 004 OUT NOW!!!(by Soulgrifter /PH & Prestige )

    Liquid Brilliants Rec 004 - LQBDIG004

    Liquid Brilliants' latest release starts off with the unstoppable groove of German duo Soulgrifter. Hot off of their heels of their recent releases on Sensor and Phunkfiction, Cannot Resist's running beat rounds out the infectious funk stylings, combined with an unstoppable bassline and some keys thrown in for good measure. Auxiliary percussion compliments the already driving beat for a catchy and energetic number. For the next cut, Kaliningrad's Prestige teams up with Saint Petersburg producer PH for a liquid-laced dancefloor number, sure to kill it on the floor every time. Chunky beats push along a quick shuffle, which wastes no time on getting out of the gate. The string sample holds the groove together like glue, and a huge bassline comes in to rock the subs. Finally, the modulating basslines compliment the vocal sample just right, and really drive this composition home.

    A. Soulgrifter - Cannot Resist
    AA. PH & Prestige - Heaven Door

    Now available on Beatport / / Trackitdown / DOA Downloads / Digital-Tunes
    soon @ D&B arena