Label Liquid Audio Network - A Liquid DnB Community

Hello my friends,

we are a small community of DnB- artists gatheret to produce and promote (liquid) drum and bass made by small and unknown artists. We are looking for members who want to commit a song to our spectrum of songs.
You can post a link to your music in this thread and we will check your submissions, if we like it we will contact you.
A little info about us:

What is Liquid Audio Network

We are a small network of DnB enthusiasts and we want to expand and promote underground artists or artists without a (major) label signing. It is completely for free to join and be a part of us.

What can you expect?

We will promote your song throughout our networks social presence (Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc…) and try to reach people that like it. We want to share your work and let others enjoy it.
And you can even get something back from us!
Royality and Copyright

You made the tracks so they belong to you. That means you can do whatever you want with it. If you’d like to send it to other YouTube- Channels, record labels or something similar you have the right to do it. But you can also decide to make it a “Liquid Audio Network exclusive”- Track.

Costs/ Fees

There are no costs and no fees. All we take is a small percentage of the revenue (if there is any) and that’s it.