Liquid Allsorts - A Sides Mix CD


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Sep 5, 2005


Our first ever mix CD on Allsorts lands on Monday, and it's expertly mixed by the legendary A-Sides.... AND.... It's only £5.99 and available from NOW!!!!!!

1 Electrosoul System On The Run
2 Heist Semi Skimmed
3 Twisted Individual Out There
4 Mutated Forms Should I
5 Human Factor Diggin' Deepa
6 DJ Marky & Bungle Prime Time
7 Electrosoul System Slice
8 Human Factor Sensation
9 Heist Bomb Jack
10 Mutated Forms Behind The Scenes KG remix
11 Twisted Individual On The Back Seat Of Her Daddy's Truck
12 Mutated Forms Detuned
13 Heist Pinchers
14 XRS Pao Savao
15 A Sides Pick Up The Pieces
16 Electrosoul System In The Morning
17 Infectious Capital Connection
18 Heist Pum Pum Stabber
19 Electrosoul System Falling
20 KG Lucky 17
21 A Sides & Deeizm Just Be Influx UK remix
22 Mutated Forms Homesick
23 DJ Andy & Mikrob Groove On
24 Mutated Forms Pessimist
25 Influx UK Show 'Em What You Got

And ALLSORTS011 - Electrosoul System - On The Run b/w Whale Dance - OUT NOW!!
I literally got Vital Elements 'the path is clear' Cd yesterday lol.
That i huge too.
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