Linex - Rise Up!

Manu Forti

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Hmmm when i first heard the amen loop i wasnt expecting to like this... and i was right its not really for me. As soon as that synth comes in at 0.45 i was taken back by how much it didnt match the song or just how uninteresting it was, lose that straight away. Its not all bad however the actual bassline sounds fine and i like the two different basses for the switch up the little wobble hovering over it keeps that side interesting (but could be Eq better). the loop becomes repetitive to me i think if your working with amens these days they really need to be chopped up more. the song has plenty of energy and thats good, its also arranged well and the vocal although not to my taste does fit the track.

See if you get some other comments from big dnb heads here im more into minimal style so mabye this just isnt my taste.