Limiter usage

Jan 19, 2009
Are there any 'unwritten' rules about using limiters. Like is there a time when you should be trying to reduce the track levels rather than limiting.

I ask because I generally mix as I go along and by the end after all the extra layers the master is usually jumping up around 5dB on the beats. I've tried taking everything down, but it always seems to lose all the power.

I'm making jump up which is hardly the most subtle music form. Also I got the Drumsound + SBS sample pack and all of their samples are limitted to buggery!

Any opinions?
you could try limiting on some single tracks if need be. If you need something tamed because of peaks then the limiter's your choice pf retaining control of it. Try it on your snare channel for example, it will eat a bit of the punch away, but you could add some high end with eq to fake that fast transient.

Or if your bass has a pop issue then get a proper squash limit to it.
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