Limited DNBforum "Rude name.." clothing range


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Nov 29, 2001

You saw it here first!

'rude name, same bassline.. F**K OFF!' clothing!

The shop also includes the very popular DNBforum trucker hat!

Approximate Prices


White T-Shirt - £10 ($16.99)
Grey T-Shirt - £11 ($18.99)
Fitted T-Shirt - £12 ($20.99)
Baseball Jersey - £14 ($23.99)
Hooded Sweatshirt - £20 ($33.99)


Camisole - £10 ($16.99)
Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt - £11 ($18.99)
Jr. Raglan - £12 ($20.99)

Trucker Hat - £8 ($13.99)
Mouse Mat - £7 ($11.99)

Exchange Rate: 1 GBP = 1.69665 USD (19/11/03)

Available to purchase now from:
THE*********PER said:
i want a trucker hat for christmas
Now that's a popular product!

I did a few more designs tonight, they'll go up next week.
THE*********PER said:
that cafe site is a damn good idea

i wanna get some thongs done for my site

but im to lazy
Yeah it's definetly good for limited merchandise. I plan to change these designs regularly to keep it all limited edition.
stu if you ain't got me my hat by friday then i'm beating you up.

trucker hats are kewllll :lol_board
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