Drum & Bass Limewax - New album (PRSPCT LP 007), March 2016!


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Limewax - album teaser

"The undisputed king of skullstep hitting it hard with a brand new full length album on PRSPCT!
Here is a little teaser to give you boys & girls an idea of what to expect when it hits the streets end March 2016 on double vinyl!
Album Tracklist:
01. No Hope (For The World)
02. HLR
03. Galdilock Zone
04. Some Things Happen
05. Marinara Vulcano
06. Let Me
07. The Karmavator
08. Broken Poos (ft. Counterstrike)
09. Natural
10. Bursting Portal
11. Armagedong
12. Landing Bone (The Panacea VIP)"

I never was a big fan of this guy, but hard dnb scene is so dominated with crossbreed, hardcoreXdnb and dancefloor orientated hybrids with modern neuro recently, that it is even nice to hear some broken beats for a change. skullstep flavours, hehehehe.
Still I enjoyed last Tech Itch's mix more.

Anyway, maybe someone will be interested in this release.