Limewax “Scars on the Horizon” On Tech Freak


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This is certainly one of the most extreme sounding LP’s ever to have hit the shelves. Limewax has built up a fearsome name for breakcore madness over the past few years. No wonder then that this LP is a frenzied collection of disturbing works. Two words sum this LP up: uncompromising hardness. There are no fluffy chill out tracks here. Only raw madness distilled into sound!
“Everything” is the opener, and despite the deeper strings, this is a serious destroyer. Film samples and manic stabs add weight to a killer track. “God” and “Slaves” both display Limewax trademarks; complex beats, aggressive stabs and complex bassline assaults. “Face It Alone“ gets dark and moody. The simpler beats and moody droning sub add to the nightmarish feel. “The Attack” has one of the longest build ups you can imagine. It builds to almost unbearable pressure, before dropping into industrial strength techstep. No messin’!
“Raptor” is possibly the maddest track on here. A tense intro gives way to a battle between one of the dirtiest most distorted subs ever and some extreme beat editing.
This one will either scare you off, or leave you breathless.