LikWid - My new track - Crit welcome

Discussion in 'Production' started by m1ndfcuk, Feb 15, 2014.

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    u should put the drums in mono, the snares/kicks/lower frequency stuff. the hats/cymbals you can keep stereo or go mono depending on preference but the lower frequency drums you should mono. i like the high-passed cymbals/break u used but IMO you should bring up the volume on that just a little bit.

    0:11-0:20 sounds really flat, i get what you were trying to do though. i'd recommend lowering the velocity or using different kicks/snares during that part, snares that sound like they're hit with brushes or use ghost snares or just quiter snares with less of a tail/release on them, u prob catch my drift.

    0:22-1:03 i can really tell the snares sound layered. either you shoud line up the waveforms of the snares u layer a little better and/or compress them together. if u did that then maybe it's just the snares being in stereo tricking my ears, making it sound like the snares' waveforms are lined up well. after 1:03 when the drop hits and a saw-based lead starts it isn't as noticecable.

    good creativity tho man, it keeps my attention, keep it up and just work on the mixdown a little more regarding subtractive EQ'ing. you're doing good tho =)
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    More importantly stick it in the "new talent and track reviews" section up top.