Lightya official introduction

Hello everyone. I've been around for quite some time but I'm just making an introduction now.

My name is André, I'm 17 (da fake age ftw) and I'm a music lover (lame).
I mainly produce Liquid Drum n Bass with main inspirations being Fred V , Grafix, Feint, Moleman... and some other artists of other genres such as Blackmill, Ghosts of Paraguay, Phaeleh...
I first came here looking for some production tips when I started with the production and the community instantly semt really helpful.
During the next few months I started comming here looking for feedback on my tracks so I could get to the next level and so I did.
A lot of the things I know about production, I owe to this forum.

You can check my soundcloud profile here : and thank you for reading my introduction :)