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Finally it’s here. Lifted Music continues to break boundaries with its long awaited follow up release to the massive debut offering ‘The Prologue’. This time Spor takes centre stage, with 4 high-energy dance-floor offerings making up LFTD002: Supernova. With widespread anticipation scene-wide and non-stop DJ support, Supernova marks a definitive step in Spor’s progression, as he carves his own niche in the scene and moves Lifted onwards.

Check sound clips here:
A) Supernova
B) 103 Degrees
C) The Resistance
D) 1up

Drum & Bass page:
Experimental Beats page:

Recent months have seen the entire Lifted Crew collaborating together on what is already proving to be a landmark release. With instant DJ support from the likes of Andy C, Calyx and Teebee, the tracks are already proving to be beats to remember. Spor also teams up with German wonderboys Phace for a distinctly weird cut of acidic phuture phunk, closing the tracklisting to a seriously heavyweight offering.

Check sound clips here (tracks in progress):
Spor, Apex, Ewun & Evol Intent 'Dirge'
Ewun & Spor 'We Dominiate'
Spor, Ewun & Evol Intent 'Levitate'

With the split of the highly acclaimed and successful Unknown Error, the production half of the duo has formed a new alias to push his undisputed sound. Apex, a.k.a. Rob Dickeson has been producing music as Unknown Error for the last 3 years, but has recently split from the partnership to press foward and shape his own identity.
Already landing with the hugely successful track 'The Space Between' featuring Ayah, Apex will see his debut EP represent Lifted Music’s 4th release: ‘Wall of Sound’.

Check sound clips here (tracks in progress):
Apex 'Nowhere To Run'
Apex 'In Motion'
Apex 'Same Old Blues'

The all-new Lifted Music store is now open. With assorted merchandise and clothing on its way, as well as plenty more music coming over the next couple of months, the shop provides a one-stop service for all your Lifted Music needs.
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Feel free to join in the banter on the new Lifted Music forum. Already with a crew of regular know-it-alls, headz and oddballs, the forum is quickly shaping into a community of head strong dance music enthusiasts with a habit of getting Lifted.
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Big ups to everyone for the massive support all through!



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I was like to hear the sound clips of Supernova and the Resistance , etc. I would like to request from you to please update the link of these video clips or resend some more new links of such related video or sound clip.
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