DnB Lifestyle Music UK - Australian Connection LP


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Mar 25, 2015
South West Aus/London
I'm flying the flag for Aus and throwing this up on behalf of the label (& myself)

From the Lifestyle UK Facebook:

Dauntless, Gran Calavera, Lockjaw, Euph, Okuli, VLTRN, Ewol, Terrence & Phillip, Manikin

"The ‘Australian Connection’ LP is officially out now on Lifestyle!!

Two years in the making, this project has been a real journey, but we are incredibly happy with how this has turned out, and properly stoked to now let you all have it.

Huge thanks to all the boys on this release and everyone thats helped us with this idea along the way. Also if you're an Aussie, we'll be in your country this month for the Australian Connection tour heading to Sydney, Perth & Melbourne. Get along!

Grab your copy of this album exclusively on Beatport or our Bandcamp today!"


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