LifeFM Saturday 4hr Femme de la Femme - 4 hr IMO records

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    Jan 13, 2004
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    Easy lifers

    This weekend we have some serious shows. We have a four hour femme de la femme show and the one and only IMO record gracing the airwaves with their four hour monthly show. Line up is below.

    8-9pm DJ Anakonda (Junglisticsistarz)- Mc Karisma
    9-10pm DJ Shroombab (Junglisticsistarz) - Vanna
    10-12pm DJ Topaz -Mc Karisma and Vanna B2B
    12-4am IMO Records - Frequency, Upakut & Relm - Killa B

    Hope to see you all locked on.


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