LifeFM Presents - Strictly Social - Every Sunday

Strictly Social, Sundays 5 - late, Telegraph, 228 Brixton Hill, London, SW2. Buses 45, 59, 118, 159 and 250.

Calling all the ravers, rockers, punks, pimps, hip hopping, feet
stomping, dread dropping crews!! Come to a place were there is a vibe for everyone.

Dnb, Hip hop, breakbeat, break and atmoshperic minimal house with live musicians, vocalist and mc's.

Djs: IZM, Covert, Grappa, Doo Doo and Tremor.

Musicians: Jay on drums, Andy - Flute, Ed - Digerydoo, Yan - double bass.
Vocalist and mc's Natty J, Vanna, Freaky, Contact, Killa B and Mc Kid.

Artist may not be performing every week as the vibe keeps on changing but will be on rotation once a month. Crew is always representin though