Life - Nightlife


Oct 21, 2010
You are on to something here man. I enjoyed this. I've got one thing I could notice on my monitors, in the first section the bass was overpowering the beat a bit, maybe let it a touch lower into the mix, but then at like 3.38 I though everything was sitting really nice.

You've got a sound/feel thats for sure!



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Sep 17, 2010
yeh joni's right for the intro its a lil overpowering, but only just a tiny amount for me...n the main part, to me it sounds as though you've taken a lil too much low end of the bass synths..sounding a fraction too hollow, or like the sub n synths are too far apart.

e.g. 1:41...the synths ur using there.
Sep 7, 2010
i dont know for shure, but your mix down sounded a little outa wack, levels and what not, but the drums sound real gud and im diggin the bass patern 4 shure. your breakdown comes a little abruptly idk if that was on purpose or not, just a note. other than what is mentioned id say gud tune!
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