licensing issues


funky chunky
ok this is starting to really annoy me

why, for gods sake, are some labels/producers/shops or whoever is responsible for it, not releasing their stuff for ppl everywhere on the world?!
This happened to me for quite some tunes lately - I hear a track (in this case it was the Brookes Bros remix of Star Guitar) and I think it's amazing - so I head to all the regular webshops and search it. And then - BOOM - I get a "we have no license to sell this to your home country". On every single shop.
WTF. You got a costumer who is willing to pay for your stuff instead of just pirating it and you don't want my money?! Fine, alright, I'll go ahead and pirate it! No support for you, more money saved for me!
I'm seriay pissed off about this! :mad: