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    just... wow
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    the fake job interview premise always struck me as particularly cruel, but if you consider candid camera from the 70s, were they actually fake employed people for a day, you quite easily come to the conclusion those were actors. and if these werent, i certainly hope they were compensated plentily, in fact, if you watch one of the CKYs, i think its CKY3, bam and dicam do the 100 dollar bill fishing rod trick to people in a mall parking lot (or theres dog shit involved at some stage) and they really piss people off, but bam, and particularly dicam have no sense of shame in their body whatsoever, so right after the prank is revealed, and instead of a 100 dollar bill, the dude has a hand full of dogshit, or something, they go right up to him and ask him to sign the release form, for them to be able to use the footage of him getting pranked without getting sued (guess in america you have to think about stuff like that, carefully, as they tend to sue, alot) and the dude is mad as hell and they give him like 60 dollars and he signs it and they walk off, no shame whatsoever, and you know that wasnt an actor.

    but these kind of things make me think they are. it was cool though. was fun. curiously nobody pissed?