Levela - Unconscious REMIX COMPETITION Samples/Parts inside

Below is a .ZIP folder with all the parts and samples for you to remix the track in any way you want.

Although the original is jump up, the remix can be whatever style you want.
Please be as creative as possible by using as many or as little of the original files as you want.

Link for samples ---> http://www.sendspace.com/file/xeervk

The deadline for this remix is 4th July 2011.
Please include your contact details in the file name.

Please submit your 320kps MP3 or 16 bit WAV entries in any of the following ways:
E-mail: Levela@hotmail.co.uk
AIM: DJLevela
Soundcloud dropbox: http://soundcloud.com/multifunction/dropbox/profile

Every entry will get listened to and feedback will be given where possible.

The winning remix will be released on Multi Function Music with the official remix from an established artist.

Good luck and get remixing
Is it any style of dnb, or any style of music? Reckon dnb, since it's a dnb label :p

yes any style you want can be entered, ive already received dubstep entries too :D

one bit of advise for anyone entering... please make it your own and dont just re-arrange the sounds i have provided.
sounds obvious i know, but ive already recieved 4 or 5 entries that are just the exact same bass samples but in a slightly differant pattern :-s

please be adventurous and think out the box.