Let's hear your worst dj experience - shows/parties etc.


Sep 1, 2017
Negative experiences sometime make you grow more than positive ones...

Mine was actually from 2015. i met a guy in 2008 who i really didn't get along with but kept in touch with.
this guy lived 3 hours away had a farm in the middle of nowhere. They decided they wanted to have a "festival" so they booked a shit load of bands from minneapolis minnesota all young guys/girls. I was invited to dj in between bands and late at night. I got there and everything was cool, they gave me my performer badge and i started setting my stuff up. At this time it was 3pm or so. I pissed around talking to people and setting up my camp. Hours passed and bands played. I even tried getting behind my decks and i was told "not now".
more hours passed and it was now 11:30 pm and i still haven't TOUCHED my gear. I was told that if it rained there were plenty of tarps to cover my stuff up, and someone would cover them for me. So i said FUCK it and went to sleep planning to leave first thing in the morning.
I woke up and everyone was still asleep, i walked to my gear and to my surprise it was still all uncovered. And it RAINED at night! I climbed up to my stuff to see all my vinyl cardboard sleeves were warped as hell, my cd decks had puddles on them, all my audio cables in a milk crate were wet, my brand new speakers had puddles on the tops of them, my mixer had puddles on it, thank GOD I put my covers on my tech 12's or they'd have been soaked too. My cd books all were damp and EVERYTHING was spotty with fire ash. I was NOT a happy guy. I packed up all my shit and got the fuck out of there.
The reason for this was meth. The guy who invited me was a tweaker sound guy and didn't like that i was doing better than him apparently. I haven't talked to him since.

If anyone can top this shitbox story, i'll give you mad props and my condolences.;)
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