Let's get this forum goin!


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I think this underground stuff is rockin...Let's all try and get this forum working!

(I know loads of us have said 'yeah, we're into that but haven't been bothered or able to find out that much about it' so this is all our opportunity to share and learn, and spread the word...)


Posting stuff

Responding to posts

Letting mates know about it who maybe into the underground stuff but less into DnB, so many people I know got active in 'UK Underground' after or alongside being into DnB...

I'm deffo gonna work my contacts and am planning to bring ya some hot news & views direct from:

Luke Envoy (Dubstep hero, Honour Kill producer, and FWD residents),

Mortal Bass (nasty London / international Breakcore promoters, DJs and producers)


Cutlass Supreme (pioneering Ghetto Tech & UK Bass producer and DJ)...

& enuff UK Hiphop from my Speakers Corner fellas!

:hagglers: :readthis:

Do it!
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lets talk.

I would love to make the point that what I love about grime/dubstep is the deep atmospherics and unsettled feeling a lot of it has. Even though its a lot slower it reminds me of the 93 darkcore more than any type of dnb does nowadays. I am sentimental about this period because its when jungle really took big leaps evolving out of hardcore, and I was raving every weekend.
My girlfriend also loves it, I think cause it has dubby aspects and she likes nasty tunes even more than me.

I think one aspect of dnb which I find interesting is that 'dark' came to mean 'hard-as-nails-skullsmasher', which always seemed to be against what I liked about the first wave of darkness, that it had space and eeriness, as the massive synth riffs of hardcore gave way to pure drum pressure by going all floaty and weird