Let me clear a few things up


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Nov 29, 2001
Hi guys,

Firstly let me say thanks for your continued support and feedback about DnBForum - it doesn't go unnoticed!

OK, custom avatars are now limited to users with 500+ posts. However if you had 400+ when I made the update you should still be able to select a custom avatar, I decided to let the rule slide for you guys as you already hit 250+ posts and you were very close to 500+. No exceptions!

If you haven't already noticed the much requested "Thanks!" button is now installed.

Regarding the server move we're unfortunately not any closer to doing this just yet.

Finally, and most importantly - please don't give the mods any shit, they do a damn good job keeping these forums clean and tidy for you lot to use. They aren't paid and do it purely for the love of D&B and our community. So please remember this next time you start abusing one (or more) of them!

Oh, one last thing, please stop requesting user name changes or picking silly user names when you sign up as I'm getting fed up changing them!

Cheers boys and girls.
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Oct 1, 2006
1 thing would ya be able to change my user name from dj sc to DJ SC!lol
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