Leon Switch - Lucky Star/ Vein


Jan 3, 2003
Here's something I haven't heard in a while, a traditional common or garden amen & vocal rinser. The a-side blends a classy sounding trance vocal with some amens and a reese bassline. Useful for those 3am moments where the whole crowd is gurning so much you don't know what else to play or have run out of tunes. It's well put together but nothing special as you've probably heard this style done umpteen times before and I can't honestly think of a tune which typifies or defines this kind of drum and bass either. Vein is more reminiscent of a dark & stormy night some time in 96 as this tune was thrown out of the window of the studio where the Torque album was being recorded. It warms the cockles of my heart to know that this kind of techstep is still being recorded although the pressing quality doesn't do it any favours. Dischordant strings rain down as the bass punishes with you with a vast arsenal of cluster bombs and landmines. My only criticism of this tune is the slightly overlong breakdown which doesn't really add anything new to the track, otherwise top bludgeoning stuff.
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