Leon Switch - 'Inside' (Defcom)


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Mar 21, 2002
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"Inside" - Leon Switch (Defcom)

Although having heard this mans name mentioned many times, I can shamefully confess to knowing fuck all about him (am I wrong in thinking theres a Kryptic Minds connection?). Anyway, it was just as well for me I decided to give this a listen cos its r-o-w-d-y!!!
A-Side 'Inside' is a full-frontal assault on your senses, with its industrial samples and skippy breaks. Best way I can think of to describe this, is as similar in flava to Hazards hectic 'Subconcious'. A grinding bassline keeps things dark during the breakdown, while ghostly samples swirl away behind it, creating an intense soundscape. The drop doesnt disappoint either. The same distorted bass backed up with clattering beats make this very un-easy listening, definately not for the faint-hearted!
Not too sure what the tune on the flip is called, but it gets off nicely with haunting synths and old skool stabs. Tinny breaks and fuzzy bass compliment these well, and you know straight away that this aint gonna be played at Swerve! Once the breaks have eased a canny percussion and an almost Lemon D-ish b-line fade out of nowhere and are once again used to full effect! Noisy breaks are again used to back up a meaty riff, and on a big system, this is gonna do serious damage!
Overall good first impressions from Mr Switch means I'll definately be keeping a close eye out for more of his stuff in the future.
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