Leon Dubbed with Ed Rush and Optical - Alien Girl

Joey AdhD

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I posted this a when i first joined thought i would post it again as a few poeple have shown an interest in it.

Basically, i had to do a project in uni were i had to take a piece of film and totally wipe the sound so it was a blank canvas, i then recorded ALL the sounds my self, and edited the track to fit the film, i didnt want to make the voices sound like voices if ya know what i mean, i wanted it to be a wierd as possible. all the key shaking, doors creeking, footsteps, sirens, barking etc were all recorded by me in and around manchester (apart from the gun shots) with a digital mic and all edited on audition and protools, one day might carry it on if i can be bothered.

Please enjoy n tell me what ya reckon...