Legion VI - End Of Tides


The Living Tempest
While this track is admittedly not completely dnb, I will definitely say it is a very dnb-inspired track.

Let me know what you blokes think. :spliff:


Question: How to I embed individual Soundcloud tracks? I sw other users do it, but I couldn't figure it out! Lol.

Edit: So I read the etiquette for this forum, and it's common sense...so here are my feedback requests:

1. How heavy is the bass
2. Does it have good structure as a dance tune?
3. Can you imagine this being well recepted at a Dnb/Dubstep event?
4. Same as 3, but at a general rave playing all types of electronic music?
5. Does it strike you as having something different/unique?
6. Is it good for shagging? (this one is just for giggles) =P

And there it is. =p
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