Legend by Heyaxe


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Hello, i would like for you to listen to this song i have been working on. I have tested this song with various people and they seem to like it, so i am posting it here to get some further ideas and comments from more people.

THis song is called Legend, and everything was made using a Yamaha PSR 175 keyboard via Midi, using MuLabs for composing and AudioCity to add final touches. I decided to try my shot at making my own drum loop instead of using the same boring rolls you get in old DnB tunes, and i am quite pleased with the Drums as they make the song feel unique.

Well, here is the song:

Legend by Heyaxe/Peta

If you like this song, and want to use it commercially (which you probably wont), then just message me and i can discuss something. Please also note that i may alter the song a bit to improve it.