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just another way the goverment are cleverly getting your vote,clever marketing this .....

look people we know the world has a weed problem ?? always has always will ? but we will pretend to make u think by doing a pointless form you will go hmm when it comes to voting time and put the "x" in there box ..

the x in that box means more money better lifestyle for those in power ! its that simple ........

the world already knows because of the 60's for christ sake that "dope smoking is a problem" they already know that a % of street crime is related to dope dealers , they already know that they are the goverment and hay they know they are the only ones with the power to change that decition,why do u need " the public " to do anything that you already know !! think about it ....... the guys in power now were the 60's teenagers ,they lived the times or were around in those times, my point being dont think citizen smith "power to the people" thats rubbish when it comes to this subject .....

you want to change the laws set in place,stop smoking the dope,go to the libruary,study politics and run your own party ... think your just gunna be a pm ... i swear if you went to college/uni/schools and places of all young people "in there exsperimental stages of life" and said while in a proper serious face and knowing your stuff that you were setting up a party so u could free the weed as u lot put it bingo you'd get alot of young peoples votes,but not many adults..........

sorry if that sounds alittle :weirdo: nothing changes there just i dont trust govermments as you never see a poor govenor .....

its all about image and money ...... rest my case there :bone: :bone:


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or vote for the Green Party...

The 'Green Party Drugs Group' organise the Brockwell Park Legalise Festival, and are very pro-active in campaigning for legalisation, and in providing legal advise to people facing charges etc...

They also campaign for informed drug awareness info, and pill testing to be made widely available, like in Holland...


Not that I'm condoning illegal drug use, just saying that there are political parties with some different ideas...
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