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HI -

I'm new to the forum, but I was inspired to join as I have visited some of the slammin vinyl events for the last couple of years, especially NYE... I love the music and the atmosphere as it all takes me back to ravin' when I was a lad in Manchester. Now I live in the South and have "responsibilities" but I still get some precious weekends! So, anyway my post is to ask about alternatives to these kind of events (legal or otherwise), as I can't take another 2 hours queueing in the freezing rain only to be treated like some psychotic schoolkid desperate to get a criminal record by fat blokes in uniforms just so I can dance and chat and relive some of the other things I used to do back in the day! I mean jeesus - haven't they got town centres to stop fights in or do the binge drinkers declare a truce on the nights I go out!?

Anyway any advice as to good friendly events and sites that promote 'em would be much appreciated. I loved the last NYE at the NEC once I got in, but it would have been easier to break into number 10 downing street!



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#3 has a load of listings...good calender section, very popular/busy site.

breakneck/contact on south parade reasonably friendly in comparison to standard town centre moronic bouncers.bangin soundsystem, good lasers, plenty of room to wobble around.

loads of smaller-scale dnb/breakz night at the lounge/theme (formerly eq/subway), granada rd., southsea, portsmouth.... often free entry, max £5....always good atmosphere, bouncers v.friendly (well they were last weekend anyway), drink prices not too bad.had some of my favourite nights at this club over the years.