Lefty b2b Wrecktify W? J-Tec MC (Los Angeles)


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this shit is off the hinges! do u have like an mp3 of it or how the fuck can i download it and listen to this shit in my car i know im a stupid fuck! :zest:


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Are you kidding around or being serious SoToR??
N-E Wayz, Sup mikal, this is a bit interesting to see this here, was not expecting it. Suppose i should post a tracklist.

01_Hive & Echo - Elysian Park
02_Artificial Intelligence - Won't Give Up
03_Chris SU & SKC - Yorke
04_DJ Red - Enta Da Dragon (Twisted Individual remix)
05_Peshay vs Co-ordinate - Get Ready
06_Ed Rush & Optical - Heads Will Roll
07_Illskillz - Cranium (Chris SU remix)
08_C4C & Fierce - Carrier
09_Aquasky - Ham & Eggs (Dj Trace remix)
10_Influx Datum - Back for more (High Contrast remix)
11_MIST - Barracuda
12_Klute - Evosniffer
13_Raiden - Reactor
14_Aquasky - Baby It's You

That set up was sketchy as fuck!!! And for those who don't know I am Wrecktify.