Leet Recordings news: Forthcoming vinyl


Press Release: May 2007

After a short hiatus, we are pleased to announce the return of Leet Recordings. With almost five years into the game and a respectable eight releases already under out belt, we have secured a new distribution deal with Triple Vision in Holland. We've two new vinyls lined up for the very near future.

Leet has always first and foremost been a platform for Pyro & Phono's music. So to kick it all off, the lead track for LEET009 is their long anticipated collaboration "Available Technology". Support and acclaim for the track has come from people such as: Corrupt Souls, Raiden, Noisia, Masheen, Lethal & Karnage, Dementia, Robot Death Squad, Kano and more. It's backed up with the floor smashing "Satura" by newcomers Atom, Tenebra & Zirash and it's already on its way to the plant. So keep your eyes open for promos which should surface in a matter of weeks. The full release will drop around four weeks later.

Following on from there, Pyro & CRS step up for LEET010 with the detroit-esque sounds of "V8". This serious number has been gaining momentum quickly and already has the support of many of the leading techno influenced dnb dj's. It's a great rolling slice of techno dnb which shows that it can be musical while still aimed firmly at the floor. Backed up by newcomers Allied on the flip with the track "Multiple Minds" This plate will be on promo a little before the summer, with the full release around september.

clips for LEET009 are here

LEET009 A Pyro and Phono - Available Technology
LEET009 B Atom, Tenebra and Zirash - Satura

alternatively you can hear all the clips on our myspace page


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EMAIL: info@triplevision.nl