Leet Recordings European Winter/Spring Tour 2005


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We are pleased to announce that Leet Recordings will be available for European dates between January and March 2005. They will be hitting the road in order to promote the forthcoming material on the Leet Recordings Imprint. Our philosophy is to price the tour as low as possible, our main motivation for this is to be able to bring the music out to you. The tour package consists of Leet front man Phono with his label partner Voss providing additional support.

Tour Price:

£150 (pounds sterling) plus travel and accommodation expenses, no other additional fees will be charged with this offer. This is a fixed price, and not dependant on any other factors such as venue capacity or attendance. We aren’t about charging over the top prices, we’d rather just come out to you with an attractive price that suits us all. If we take more than one booking in the same country or neighbouring countries we will also be able to split travel costs, keeping the overall costs even lower.

What you get for your money:

A set from Phono, with a supporting set from Voss of up to a maximum of 3 hours combined. We aim to be as flexible as possible, in order to satisfy your needs.

Bios, more info about the tour and contact detaills are here, please check it out

Homepage: http://www.leetrecordings.com
Internet radio & Forums: http://www.leetradio.com