LDN Seasons Sessions [Every Thursday @ Bar Vinyl Free Entry]

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    LDN Seasons Sessions [Every Thursday @ Bar Vinyl Free Entry]

    Classic mix-tape vibes giving you something to kick back to
    after work or whether your with us till the end.
    Passionate about the warm up, if it's after work drinks
    expect sounds from the likes of J Dilla, Livin' Proof, 9th Wonder and
    all the classic tracks those samples were taken from.
    It's a history of music vibe!

    Sessions is a mixture of a love for black and electronic music.
    Flying Lotus, Harmonic 313, Aphex Twin, Africa Hitech, the list goes on.
    The early vibe of the night covers all these bases from DJ Premier to
    Flying Lotus but it's a slow wind.

    If your sticking with us for the course of the eve we pick up the pace and
    you can expect anything from Wiley to Beanie Man, UK Garage and Grime
    classics from Danny Weed to Groove Chronicles, House, 90's R&B, Hip-Hop......
    It's a cooking pot of vibes.

    Bring a smile, our lovely staff will take care of you and if you just wanna
    snap your neck and play our Xbox it's all you!
    Peace Seasons

    Bar Vinyl
    6 Inverness St
    Camden Town
    NW1 7HJ