[LDN] 30/05/08 The Centrifuge Featuring EBOLA


Centrifuge London Launch Party featuring EBOLA & ZEDDEMORE (Wrong Music), NeuTek LIVE, Boombot DJs, STREET RAVE!!, Confounded AV, Ursa, Captain Chaos and missaw...

Date: Friday 30th May
Venue: Epicurean Lounge Basement, 10 Clerkenwell Green, Shoreditch. EC1R 0DP. Nearest tube: Fardingdon / Old Street
FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT. Doors 9pm, Street Rave starts @ 8pm.

The Centrifuge (http://www.TheCentrifuge.co.uk) and NeuroMantis (http://www.myspace.com/neuromantisav) team up to bring you the phattest live electronica and AV night you could ever wish for!

As we as badass guests to the club night at the Epicurean Lounge - doors 9pm get down there early - we have something truly awesome and unique to shout about...

8pm - 9pm: a FULL-ON STREET RAVE in Shoreditch courtesy of NeuTek's totally portable live set-up and the Boomot Soundystem's man-mounted speaker suits. We will be giving the Nathan Barleys of this world a lot to think about with 8-bit beats, ear shredding low tek computer game gabba...HELL YEAH!

9PM - 3AM: Then we take over The Epicurean Lounge for a night of cutting edge music, AV and more featuring some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS, including Wrong Music head honcho Ebola who will be taking on a split personality Zeddemore for part of the evening as he works his way through many styles from his excellent and diverse output. Check http://www.myspace.com/ebolawrongmusic and http://myspace.com/zeddemore for more details.

NeuroMantis' Confounded touch down for an hour of cutting edge AV, and The Centrifuge brings seasoned rave masters NeuTek, missaw, Captain Chaos and Ursa to the party. The Boombot DJs will also be providing dancefloor devastation once they have got out of those tasty speaker suits...

Here's the lineup, see you down the front!

Ebola vs Zeddemore LIVE (Wrong Music, Net-Lab)
NeuTek LIVE (TheCentrifuge.co.uk)
Counfounded LIVE AV
Boombot DJs
missaw (TheCentrifuge.co.uk)
Captain Chaos (TheCentrifuge.co.uk)
Ursa (TheCentrifuge.co.uk)

http://TheCentrifuge.co.uk x

If you'd like to get in touch with us, check out our website (http://www.TheCentrifuge.co.uk) or email us (info@thecentrifuge.co.uk).