Launchpad & APC20

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Mar 24, 2002
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I've been planning and pondering and planning and thinking and planning on going 'Live'. As in playing live sets (combined with oldschool mix work here and there) with some controllers and Ableton Live.

The Novation Launchpad and Akai APC20/40 are a given in this plan, and for the moment I've been leaning towards the APC20 because of price (against APC40) and the fact it has faders (vs Launchpad). Anyone own either one of those pieces, feel like sharing experiences? It's a neverending debate on the web it seems but I'm looking for personal experience here...

I have the Hercules RMX which is quite alright for 2 channel mixing, but how would you say something like that would work with Ableton Live? I've never really used it, apart from a 5 minute glance of some LE version ages ago.
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