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Hey guys, I don't know if it's the right place to post this but anyway:

I have written an app that emulates a Launchpad on Android and iOS. It offers the exact same functionality + some transport controls.

It connects via WiFi to your PC/MAC and lets you use Ableton, FL or whatever you use just like a "real" launchpad, also works great as an addition to your existing set if it contains a launchpad or similar gear already (I love the launchpad's session view more than anything else on this planet and it's just great to have it dedicated right there on my desk)

This is not just a shitty soundboard, it is an actual MIDI controller.

Play Store:

App Store:

DEMO versions available for free so you can check whether your network supports MIDI over WiFi.

Upcoming updates will include:
- OSD to return parameter values
- color coding fix for the iOS version (the Android one is fine)

If you have anything to say about this stuff, please do so, I'd be glad to hear your feedback. Also, if you have any more ideas/wishes on what to include in this app, please tell me; I think this app will make some people's lives easier.

Why could you possibly need that? It costs about 1% of the price you pay for a physical launchpad and even if you do have a launchpad, you can just extend your set with one more interface. Also, I once used this on a plane and - all cockiness aside - it was the most amazing thing ever because it was something that actually fit in your pocket but offers all the capabilities you could enjoy on a physical one.

Thanks for taking your time!


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