Latest Spectrum show: Fusion brings unsigned/unreleased/free goodies & hot mix!

Spectrum 17 October 2009 – Fusion

dBridge – Memory Park (Free download:
Dissident – Dropshadow Diseases (Strangers From Nowhere LP – Absys Records)
Lynx & Kemo – Global Enemies [Molecular Structures remix] (Free download:
Logistics – Eastern Promise (Crash, Bang, Wallop! LP – Hospital)
Data – Sedative (Free download:
Champagne – Divine Inspiration [BCee remix] (CD-R)
BCee – Generations [S.P.Y. remix] (Future Retro)
Neon – Love In music (Behind The Corner LP – Absys Records, Free:
Lenzman & Stunna – Milk & Honey [Stunna VIP] (CD-R)
Stunna & Kubatko – Broken Rules [Operon remix] (Golden Orb Records)
Elixir – Yarki Svet [edit] (CD-R)
ICR – Then Just Say Hello (Strangers From Nowhere LP – Absys Records)

Jonny L – Piper (XL Recordings)
Jonny L – Piper [Grooverider mix] (XL Recordings)
Hive – Ultrasonic Sound [Dillinja remix] (Vortex Recordings)
Dillinja – Silver Blade (Prototype Recordings)
Loxy & Shodan – Ancients (Cylon Recordings)
T Power – The Mutant [Rollers Instinct remix – DJ Trace] (Deja Vu LP – Ebony Recordings)
DJ Sappo – War Declared (Breakbeat Science LP – Volume)
Decoder – Fuse (Elementz)
Dom & Roland – Imagination (Midnight Club EP – Moving Shadow)
Doc Scott – Unofficial Ghost (Platinum Breakz LP – Metalheadz)
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Cutslo [Lokuste Mix] (Prototype Recordings)
**Mix ends**

Alix Perez – Suffer In Silence feat. Zero T (Shogun Audio)

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