Latest Spectrum: Fusion brings the summer vibes & Driver has the history lesson

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    Spectrum 23 August - Fusion & Driver

    XRS Land - Secrets of the Floating Island (The Brasil EP - V Recordings)
    S.P.Y. - Sunshine (Moodswings 2 - Spearhead Records)
    P.F.M. - For All of Us (Good Looking Records)
    P.F.M. - One & Only (Looking Good Records)

    **A sample of my mix for the One Size Recordings Podcast**
    Widestream - The Beginnings (The Deepest Waves of Soul EP Part 1 - One Size Recordings)
    Intelligent Manners - You Love Me [Soulmatic remix] (Spin Recordings)
    Stunna & Tyler Straub - So Weak (CD-R)
    Sequent Industry - You're In Love [Mage remix] (Respect Records Dub)
    Amaning & Stunna - Generation Gap (CD-R)
    BCee - Glitter Balls [Redeyes & Lenzman remix] (Future Retro)
    Mortem - Whispers (CD-R)
    **Get the full version here:**

    DJ Marky & XRS - LK (V Recordings)
    Screamheads feat. Camila Andrade - Under the Sun [Bungle remix] (Spin Recordings)
    Blue Sonix - This Feeling (Phuturistic Bluez)
    Zero T feat. Steo - Refusal [Calibre remix] (Integral Records)

    Ed Rush – Autumn (No U Turn)
    Two Sinners - Second Thoughts [Marcus Intalex & ST Files remix] (Mechanoise Records)
    ST Files - Sky High (Intalex)
    DJ Red – Devastate (Trouble On Vinyl)
    Dope – Travelling (Good Looking)
    Mampi Swift – Frequency (SOUR)
    ? - ? (Abstract #4)
    Seba & Krazy – Chameleon (Paradox Music)
    Fanu - Are You Someone’s Prayer (Forestry Service Recordings)
    Special Forces – Babylon VIP (TEKDBZ)
    Equinox – Together (Breakin)

    Tracks can be sent via AIM: fusionicr or

    iTunes podcast subscription: itpc://