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    Chopstick Dubplates
    Chopstick Meets River Nile

    Out Now !! Chopstick Dubplate Meets River Nile ! Tripple Vinyl LP ! Featuring Mixes from Adam Tuffist , Jacky Murda & Aries ! Featuring reggae singer's like Turbulence, Utan Green, Hi Kee, Stikki, Jah Mason, Wildlife, Natty King, Jah Roamy, Spectacular & Charm Skwaad ! Limited Edition ! available from Juno, Reggae Records and many more!
    samples available on link below

    a1. Natty King - My Story
    a2. Wildlife - Jungle King
    b1. Jah Mason - Cool With The Fire
    b2. Antonio West & Stikki - Say Goodbye
    c1. Utan Green, Hikee & Stikki - Believe
    c2. Shaka Mello - Bush Tea
    d1. Turbulance - Clear Off
    d2. Lutan Fyah - Nah Stop Bun It
    e1. Jah Roamy - 50 Pound A Weed
    e2. Spectacular - Laugh With People
    f1. Jah Mason - Soundboy Gone
    f2. Charm Skwaad - Firm Medi

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