Last Nights Future Music Show

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    i think this is the right track list cause i was just pullin em out and stick em on!!

    theres all sorts on here some old,some new as you can see and its about 2 hours long all on vinyl

    Triad : Last Gasp
    Jubei : The Path
    Lenzman : Fade Away
    Jubei : Distrust
    Spectrasoul & D Bridge : Glimpse
    Survival : Forget Tomorrow
    Survival : First
    Survival : Wasteland
    Lynx : Disco Dodo
    Break : Late Drop
    BMK,Coda & Krooked : Hush
    Danny Bird : Labyrinth
    Logistics : Toytown
    Serum & Bladerunner : Snake Fist
    Serum &Bladerunner : Just A Beat
    Spectrasoul : Dark Hour
    Big Bud : White Widow
    Spectrasoul : Suppresion
    Lenzman : Open Page
    Sam KDC : Detatched
    Jubei : Untitled
    Need For Mirrors : Gallows
    Cern & Jubei : Black Hole
    Need For Mirrors : Nevada
    D Bridge : 5th Floor
    Spectrsoul : Absents
    Subwave : Indigo
    Ed Rush & Optical : funktion
    Ed Rush & Optical : Crisis
    Alix Perez : Im Free
    LTJ Bukem: Horizons

    check out the future music web site if you like this style of dnb or any other type on electronic music