Last call for Mixing & Mastering in time for NYE

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    We've got just 4 slots left open for Mixing services guaranteed for NYE events, and 15 mastering slots left!

    Hit us up quick if you need tracks prepped in time for your NYE sets!

    • cut off date for guaranteed delivery by NYE of full mixdowns is midnight 14th of December (files should be submitted by 19th Dec)
    • and 18th of December for Stereo Masters. (files should be submitted by the 21st Dec)
    • ETA is 5-7 days mixing, 3-5 days Mastering. Limited Tape Masters are also available on a first come first serve basis, please allow 1 extra day.
    • A few recording sessions are also available.
    • Hit me up via PM, or email
    Booking slots are first come first served, a very limited number of premium slots are available during down time (23rd,25th-31st) @ £45 per master.

    Files should be 24bit 48Khz or 96Khz

    Send files via Google Drive, Dropbox or Soundcloud - westransfer, sendspace and other file sharing services which use advertising/flash videos are blocked on our network for security reasons

    Studio will be closed 23rd December until 2nd of Jan, except by special arrangement.

    Happpy Christmas & New Year!
    John & the SubSymmetry STUDIO ONE team.