lasiien - Hurt


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i like your bass melody, its proper moody. the melody gets a tiny bit repetetive, intro is pretty long too. maybe try trimming it a bit? the cymbals and hats are a bit loud too, maybe make htem more subtle. its got a proper dark vibe to it, and i would like the lower end to stand out a bit more, to really appreciate it. 2.35 when that melody comes in is really cool. keep going with it!


It's mixed nice and loud, and I'm enjoying the intro...

Nice drop. I'm a little bit feeling like the bass is a touch muddy, and could have some frequencies scooped out of its mid. The drums are great. I really like the upper-mid counter-point voice doing the descending scale type thingy, but it's too faint in the mix. The breakdown has a nice, eerie sense of tension to it (as does the track generally).

The vocal is really cool; however, I think you could sprinkle more clips of her just saying "hurt" and "inside" through the track to break it up (you did that once with "inside"). Well, maybe not, wouldn't want to overdo it, something to think about anyway.

I kinda felt like the second drop didn't hit as hard; the breakdown just got hard again, didn't seem to drop. Not a critique so much as an observation.

Any way, very clearly mixed, and nice energy overall.


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Love the melody. Really subtle but edgy. I would though give it something as the intro is coming into its ending. The bass does need to be splitted a bit better. In some sections it is sounding a bit all over the place. As the song progresses I would give the melody some variations (how ironic from me eh?). I do get the idea that it is the backbone of the track, but I would automate some reverb to it just to show a difference in melody but still keeping the tonality of the sound. I hope you get what I'm saying. What is important is that the track has a vibe and this track has a brilliant one. :)


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This tune is cool man! ..I don't think I've listened to tunes from you for a while but I can say that you defiantly have improved a lot. Drums and bass sounds big and loud. However I'm thinking about the first part of the drop.. it feels like almost everything is happening in the mids or lows. I think it would be cool if you took of the lowpass from the guitar.

Around 3.20, some annoying high frequencies are comes in and spooks around. It's some kind of ride I think? I would switch it imo :)

But this is nice man, I enjoyed it!