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Dec 29, 2007
Hurstpierpoint- Near Brighton
Budget: 550quid max

Don't really know what im looking for in a laptiop, will be for recording, maybe serato?

Few questions in general:

Can you get laptops with a line in input?
Can you plug speakers into a laptop?
Can you get laptops with a 64bit processor?

Sorry for being a noob, not really a laptop man haha just fed up of my desktop now!!

WOuld be wicked if people could post a few ideas up for me, preferably amd ;)


Thanks in advance
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ive gt a sony vaio vgn-nr11m/s and its a great laptop, ive had it for quite a while nd its neva let me down, is durable, its pretty fast and ive run serato on it before wiv no problems. check it out cos u can get sun great deals :D:D:D
sony laptops r buck tho man, yeah laptops do have a line in input & u can plug speakers into em mate not sure about the processor bit, u can get laptops nowadays that smash desktops n all my ones got sumink like two 300 gb hard drives
i c a tiny little one in currys the other day for £180 perfect for serato but probably not much else keep the desktop n get sumink like that
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