Lakota Presents... Its a Bristol Ting. CONGO NATTY/FREESTYLERS/DJ DIE/LAID BLAK


Lakota Launch Party / 11th Feb 2012

To kick-start a new season of Lakota events, we showcase some of Bristol's finest bands and DJs. Expect a blend of drum n bass, jungle,dub, dubstep, breakbeat and world music. This is Bristol’s own unique sound. Our prize assets all in one place. What more do you want?

Congo Natty aka Rebel MC feat Tenor Fly
DJ Die & MC Inja
Dr Meaker
Laid Blak
Dub Mafia
Run Tingz Cru Feat. Blackout JA

Mark Archer (Mr. Nex / ex Altern-8)
Mr Lingo
Maximum Liberation

Bristol HiFi
Queen B
Mr Benn
Daddy G

£8 early | £10 adv | £10 o.t.d.
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The ’80s popster turned proto-jungle revolutionary was born Michael West in 1965 in London. He formed “Double Trouble” in the early ’80s with Michael Menson and Leigh Guest, releasing the ska-pop hits like “Street Tuff” and “Just Keep Rocking”.
By 1991 he had released “Black Meaning Good”, an album that presented the “hardcore” breakbeat style fashionable at the time married to dub basslines with reggae luminaries such as Barrington Levy, Dennis Brown, Supercat & Tenor Fly as well as himself chanting over the top. Tribal Bass, a track from this album, was a huge smash and was one of the tracks that blazed the new sound, or “Jungle” as it was first derogatively known (Jungle Bunny music…), across the public consciousness at the beginning of the ’90s.
Since then, Congo Natty has gone from strength to strength releasing innumerable 12”s as well as several albums such as Black Star and Tribute to Haile Selassie I but has managed to maintain its underground credibility; Jungle 4 Ever and No Sell Out are two releases that spell out their modus operandi better than I can!

Bristol’s very own Mark Ronson uses soul, jazz and reggae influences to produce the Meaker sound. A sound of sublime vocals and ruff-cut bass licks that feels as at home on commercial radio, as it does at underground clubs.
Dr Meaker’s debut album ‘A Lesson From The Speaker’ has been 3 years in the making and features collaborations with vocalist Yolanda Quartey who’s currently cutting records with Massive Attack. Meaker’s master blending sees him sampling The Korgis Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime on the track Need Love.

A diverse mixture of musicians, Laid Blak produce a very unique sound that is familiar to many genres but resides firmly in none. With infusions of reggae, hip-hop, the occasional influx of Dn’B and even blues, they have brilliantly proven themselves eclectic without becoming a novelty act. The performance was bursting with interactions that got the crowd moving and singing, whether Laid Blak veterans or someone who just happened to pass by casually.

Since forming just two years ago, Bristol-based Dub Mafia have become one of the most popular dance acts in the UK, Europe and beyond.
The seven-piece band – who blend drum and bass, dub, dubstep, bashment, breakbeat and world music into their own unique sound (with a strict policy of ‘no backing tracks’ – ever) receive rave reviews wherever they play – from sweaty clubs to packed festivals.


The Freestylers are the dancefloor sensation of the new millennium, a fast moving, electro-rocking monster movie that is going to hit your house like a tidal wave, and wash all your preconceptions out of the door.
DJ Jay-Rock, crowd pleasers MC Tenor Fly, MC Navigator and new vocalist Valerie M, a breathtaking whirl of sound and vision which leaves the audience as exhausted. In fact, the dance is almost as important to the Freestylers as the music, and while break beats have been threatening to return to the dancefloor for years, the Freestylers are the first band to actually do something about it and were promptly proclaimed Best Band at the 1998 Muzik Magazine Awards.

MARK ARCHER (Mr. Nex / ex Altern-8)
Altern-8 was formed in Stafford in 1990, as a side project to the already successful Nexus 21 (a name chosen because of its "futuristic House sound), when both members were 21. From the outset the band's objective was to develop their style which was heavily influenced by the musical elements of other Detroit House music artists Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, as well as the Chicago sound of Phuture and early electronic heroes Kraftwerk.

Altern-8 tunes changed the world of Rave music, influencing many artists, with their mixture of the sounds of the Roland TB-303, 808 and 909 with breakbeats and familiar samples. At the time in the UK, outdoor rave events were legal, and Altern-8 had a reputation for turning up to play at major unofficial events. They helped to define harder House tracks relying more heavily on bass and volume. The use of more bass and eclectic noises gradually evolved Altern-8's music away from the earlier House music style. The duo, dressed in chemical warfare suits and dancing "like electrified monkeys", took part in a large number of live performances.

Finishing off Room too are local legends


Room 3 will be hosted by Bristol Favorites BRISTOL HiFi :
Each throwing a different take on their shared love of bass culture into the mix blasting out a heavy, heavy sound every time.

Congo Natty
Laid Blak
Dub Mafia
Mark Archer