Lakes Of Blood...


Close your ears!
Been out of it for a while, but just finished some new shiz. One piece is called Lakes of blood, and teh other is called Dreamy.
Dreamy is a mellow liquid dub, and Lakes of blood is pretty heavy going.
Both of them are in my subBass player on my myspace page.
Any feedback or critisizm would be awesome. =]

Both tunes are dubstep by teh way.

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Dan M

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heres some criticism...........i hate them both and you for posting them.

jokes... am at work but i'll check em out later on fella


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hey man i just heard all your new stuff, you've been bangin out the tunes recently, nice work man! they are all sounding Phat, that 'you believe' song is really deep dude, blew me away. i tried to remix tht song before an it came out terrible, but you've done it justice. nothing really bad to say about ur tunes overall, except the dreaming tune gets a little bit monotomous after a while, but it is a chilled tune so you probably meant to be like tht. Big ups bro, feelin all of those!


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You know what you're doing mate, love the tunes! Nice and dark vibes. Loving dreamy, although at one point I thought an application on my mac had crashed cause the sound is almost identical to the error thing on mac osx, but then realised it was in time to the beat hah. They're all really good though. If you calmed the reverb of the snare down on to me it's an absolute winner. Seriously loving that one. Big ups man.