Lady Gaga’s hair raising day in Copenhagen


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Lady Gaga’s hair raising day in Copenhagen

Lady Gaga is no stranger to bold fashion, but we’ve never known her to dress like a streaker on the set of Miami Vice before. In her white dinner jacket and nude leotard, the quirky pop sensation exited her Copenhagen hotel
. What she lacked in clothing, Lady Gaga more than made up for with the height of her blonde and purple hairdo.Considering all the wigs she owns, it’s a good thing she has staff on hand to cart around her luggage from one European city to the next as she continues her tour of wacky outfits. Personally, we think it’s not fair for Lady to tease us in her faux-naked garb. When the only thing she has going for her is her body, she should take every chance she gets to flaunt it. And we recommend combing over some of that hair to hide her butterface while she’s at it.