[Label Promo Mix] LiquidDNB.com Presents Brand New Drum & Bass Label: LDNB Music


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Sep 23, 2010

LDNB Music is the new digital record label from LiquidDNB.com, the Internets number one liquid drum and bass website. Their aim is to push the latest in liquid music to the wider listening public driven by their passion for this genre and the culture it represents.

LDNB Music are signing up some of the scenes hottest artists along with talented up and coming musicians with tunes coming from the likes of Muwookie, Stunna, Edward Oberon, Command Strange, Clart, BrokenDrum, CJ Styles, mSdoS, Intelligent Manners, Smote and more.

With a focus on releasing the highest quality, vibing drum and bass music; the first LDNB Music double track release features Stunna, Edward Oberon and Pipeline. Watch out for this one which will be sale in early 2011.

To compliment the launch of the label is a free promo mix featuring forthcoming tracks from LDNB Artists, simply follow the link to download the LDNB Music Promo Mix.

LDNB Music Promo Mix 01
Mixed By 1981 & Forshay

01- Command Strange & Intelligent Manners - Groover
02- BrokenDrum - Burning Desire
03- Stunna & Edard Oberon - lookin' Back
04- Muwookie - Heaven Cries
05- mSdoS & MJT - SoulM8
06- Muwookie - NDE
07- Clart - El Escorpion
08- Stunna & Pipline - Resistance
09- BrokenDrum - When I Look At you
10- Muwookie - Love You
11- Command Strange - Real Thing
12- CJ Styles - Phase Shift
13- MuWookie - Love You
14- mSdoS - Raining May
15- Muwookie - Got 2 Have
16- Londy - Tears
17- Muwookie - Memories
18- Smote - Sleeping

All LDNB Music will be available to buy from all major digital retailers including iTunes, Beatport, Juno Downloads, DOA, Breakbeat, Spotify and also direct on www.LiquidDNB.com.

Please visit the brand new website www.LDNBmusic.com for the latest news, to hear previews, purchase music, enter competitions, view artist information and much more.

Demo submissions are being accepted for consideration so please use one of the following methods to contact the label owners direct:

Web: http://www.LDNBmusic.com
AIM: LDNBmusic
Email: demos@LDNBmusic.com
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/LDNBmusic
Twitter: http://twitter.com/LDNBmusic
Facebook: http://facebook.com/LDNBmusic

Please visit: www.LDNBmusic.com or www.LiquidDNB.com/LDNBmusic for further information.
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